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Read this to get sexually aroused:

To satisfy my sex urge i used to finger myself. Even with fingering, there is little dissatisfaction. That’s when I got a lesbian friend in my gym.. She is little stout and we used to explore all kinds of sex.. It continued for 3 months and we both were very happy and satisfied. Unfortunately she got transferred to Mumbai. And occasionally we used to meet when she travels down to Bangalore. My sex urge increased and she suggested to have an affair with a good man. I started to search for an ideal lesbian partner in online but for so many fake profiles and was fed up. That’s when I met my Darling Rocky in a super market.

Let me describe about my self, I’m 5.5″ height stats 36D-27-38 thanks to golds gym round butted figure. Many people stare me when I wear jeans and tees..I used to enjoy those looks.

One day I went to reliance fresh market in the morning to buy some vegetables after gym. Because of sweat my tee is stuck to the body and many boys were treating their eyes. While shopping, accidentally i hit someone from back and was about to fall, he caught me and helped me.While catching, his hands touched my side part of boobs. I apologized and had a look at him. He was wearing shorts and tees.. I bent down to pick basket and saw a big tent in his pants..

I smiled and left for billing but kept an eye on him, he adjusted his boner and came back. He looked handsome and athletic. I liked his eyes and smile. We both came out and picked our bags from security..while doing so accidentally his dick touched my hand and felt it very hard and big. He apologized and left. I imagined that guy and masturbated while taking bath.. Had an awesome orgasm..

After that I regularly went to Reliance fresh but didn’t see him. One day I saw him and we both smiled. He had a good look of me from head to toe and was constantly starting at my boobs. I thought of grabbing this opportunity and tease him a bit.. Since it was morning not many were there, I went to a corner and lowerd my tee to show a glimpse of my cleavage. He was at fruits section, I went and bent purposefully.. He had a good view of my tits.. I could see the tent growing..

When I looked up he turned away and looked somewhere else..I tried to tease him by dashing side ways so that my boobs were pressed against his arms in side ways.. His strong arms were pressed against my soft boobs, this time he didn’t move and stayed still feeling my boobs with arms after couple of seconds I moved back and saw a huge tent and jiggled..He had parked his scooter near my car. He introduced himself as Rocky.. He is 5.7″ tall strong arms and strong body. He looked handsome and decent guy. I liked him very much. We talked for couple of mins and left. He asked me for coffee and agreed to visit cafè coffee day near by.

We had an hour long talk on various topics and left. We got closer day by day and phone calls became more often. I was scared to how to proceed so was he. But I was gradually making some progress and teased him more and enjoyed every moment.

One day same place same time I bent and kept mangoes in my hand adjacent to boobs.. I asked Rocky do you like these? He said I like then very much while looking at my boobs.. I asked him which one do you like.. He said both.. I laughed and said.. “arey baba I’m asking mangoes” then he replied “I meant mangoes too. They are ripe and very tasty” I said how do you know they are tasty with out eating.. He said “you can tell then by looking at their size shape and color” while looking at my boobs.. While taking bag at security, he pressed his dick hard to my ass, this time he pressed confidently and aimed near my ass crack.. I felt it very hard and sent me current wave in my body.. It awakened deep sexual desire in me. I fingered my pussy twice and had an amazing orgasm thinking of him. I decided to have sex with him and made a plan.

On Saturday morning called Rocky to check if he is coming for market. He asked me the reason, i said, my car has some problem, i thought you could pick me up while going. He came home by 7:30. We both went shopped and came back. While coming back I made sure that my boobs touched his back gave a signal that i’m ready for fun. This gave him a good hard on. After reaching home, i got down and could see his tent in shorts. I invited him inside home and asked for breakfast. I wanted him to open up about sex, but still we both were hesitant. He didn’t proceed inspite of signals. So i decided to give a final show.

Me: Rocky, since i didn’t go to gym, would you mind if i do some exercise and take shower?

Rocky: No problem. Please go on, I’ll wait and watch.

Me: You also do the exercise.

I went to bedroom removed everything and came in my favorite Nike sports bra and shorts which shows my thighs clearly and my boobs are half exposed. He was shell shocked and jaw was dropped. He was staring my boobs without even blinking my eye. I went close to him and closed his mouth and said let’s start working out together n winked. He realized and smiled sheepishly.

I made sure my boobs are clearly seen. I went before him and started bending and doing some exercises. He took dumbbells and watching me by feasting his eyes. Then, he said Neha you look very fit and healthy why do you go gym?

I replied, I’ll put on lot of weight in these places and shown him my small tyre on waist and told my thighs, butts and waist is increased and wanted to be in shape. He said, i like your shapes.. I blushed and starting doing some exercises on ball. I told him remove your t-shirt and do this ball exercise. I don’t know how to do it Neha. I’ll show you come and asked him to remove his t-shirt. He had flat stomach and fit body. I liked it. I touched his chest, belly and said you have nice body.. I started to show some exercise, but all his concentration was on my boobs, he started doing exercise on his stomach on the ball, i went behind him for helping, while doing this my boobs were touching his back and he got full erection, my breathing was increasing.. i was falling on him, my boobs were crushing against his back. He was attracted by my milky thighs and boobs.

After he got up, there was a big tent in his shorts and he didn’t hide it. I smiled and said “Rocky, you are hiding a good big muscle and it’s worked out well i think” and winked.. I turned around and started doing dumbbells with my raised butt, he came behind me and touched his dick against my ass, it was rock hard. I said “Rockyyy whaat aaare youu doing” He said you are doing dumbbells in wrong way. I’ll help you and by saying this he raised my waist to stand straight and slowly brought his hands on my waist and very slowly raised till elbow by touch all the way.. he held my elbows and asked me to lift dumbbells. After a minute of pressing his hard rock against my ass he came close and his cheek on my shoulder and ran his lips over my shoulder…

He slowly brought his hands back to waist and converged them near navel area. he was massaging me my bare waist.. I said, Rocky your tool is very hard and poking me hard. He said “Complete body needs exercise and gave gentle strokes while kissing my cheeks. i placed my dumbbells on the stand and caught his cock and started feeling it over the shorts. He moved his hands and placed them on my boobs while licking my neck area.. “Neha.. you boobs are very soft, but your nipples are as hard as my dick.. I think we should start giving them some exercise”, by saying this he entered his hand inside my bra and grabbed my tits firmly.. I was breathing heavily. I turned my head slowly and we kissed passionately while he is pressing my tits hardly.. He was tickling my nipples and our tongues were in duel.

He slowly removed his right hand and brought down very slowly to my navel area and then slid down in my shorts and placed on my cleanly shaven pussy and was teasing me without entering my love hole.. I was unable to hold his touch.. i was shivering.. held his head with my right hand and with my left hand i pressed his left hand on my pussy.. he understood my situation and inserted middle finger inside my wet pussy and started playing with pussy lips.. gave gentle strokes.. i was on cloud nine and breathing heavily. I turned around and hugged him tightly as i cummed inside my shorts, but was very hungry for sex..

I removed my bra and his shorts.. His rock hard cock was saluting me. It’s of good size and good shape.. I liked the monster.. It was hot and hard ready to enter the hole. Rocky grabbed my tits and started sucking my nipples slowly and was teasing me.. while I was stroking his rock hard cock gently.. Rocky became restless and chewed my both nipples and sucked my lips passionately. I never had such a great kiss from my husband, never had orgasm without entering his dick.. but Rocky’s touch is amazing that i had orgasm by his touch.

Rocky said, darling.. you look my favorite sexy actress Hansika.. I liked his complement.. He grabbed me and lifted me up on his waist and i was sitting on his waist with my legs around him. His rock hard dick was poking my pussy from below. I said let’s go to bedroom and guided him while he was walking backwards by sucking my tits alternatively. We reached our bedroom and we both fell on the bed.. He had a good look of me and kissed on my navel which gave me a electric wave.. He slowly removed my short and spread my legs.

I placed a kiss on my pussy lips and inserted his tongue.. i was missing this since long time and enjoying every moment of it. Rocky was licking my pussy madly and was pressing his head.. I liked the finger fuck.. I was about to cum and Rocky suddenly stopped it.. I asked why.. He said to hold for a moment, you will have a great orgasm now.. I kissed him and licked all his body and started to blow his rock hard cock.. It was mouthful and tasty. I like sucked it like a lollipop..

“Neha, this is the best blowjob i had” said my darling.. We switched our places and changed to 69 position.. he inserted his tounge and was eating my pussy while i was sucking my favorite cock.. this was first time i was having with a man in this position and enjoyed it a lot..

After few mins rocky said it’s time to drill and asked me to sit on him, let’s do a lap dance.. he slowly inserted his rock hard cock inside my pussy and was feeling great.. we slowly moved and his cock entered completely inside me a.. We both were moving in rhythm and looking at each other and kissing passionately..

He kept fucking me for few mins and started licking my nipples and pinching me the other.. Because of his actions i had second orgasm.. Like a wild cat i pulled his hairs, held his head and kissed.. I had best orgasm till date.. But his cock was rock hard and wasn’t easing at all..

He then let me bend and inserted from behind.. he fucked me crazily and pulled my hair and spanked me.. I liked all his actions.. he fucked like that for almost 20 mins in that positions and said let’s switch to missionary.. he then raised my legs while entering and banged me hard..

He gave hard strokes and I was in cloud nine and after 15 mins I reaching climax… Rocky was pressing my tits hardly.. “Rocky.. I’m cumming… I’m cumming…” He said wait for a min and let’s cum together… after few strokes we both cummed together and reached climax.. He lied on me stayed placed on my tits.. I hugged him tightly..

We kissed for few mins.. I told him that I waited for this since long time.. “Even I’ve been waiting to taste these mangoes for a long time”.. by saying this he started sucking my nipples.. I took him to bathroom and had one more amazing fucking session under shower. Since then, we both have a good time.

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