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At Arouse Spa let our beautiful masseuses arouse your senses and relax every part of you. They are trained and specialised in relaxing, sensual, erotic, nude, nuru, lomo lomi, lingam, tantric, body to body, female to male massages.


Our beautiful young massage therapists are very dedicated and atttentive to customer satisfaction. We guarantee you an amazing experience at our spa.


Call us to book an appointment or come in and say hello...!


At Arouse Spa We provide Female to Male full body to body nude massage, we are the best body to body or b2b massage provider in bangalore. Best spa in bangalore with hygenic atmosphere.

At Arouse Spa, we provide body massage in bangalore for men and women, female to male body massage in bangalore, full body massage in bangalore, body to body massage in bangalore, sandwich massage in bangalore.

We have excellent unisex spa massage parlour facility for female and male. Gents get full body massage by female at our body massage centres in bangalore, and you could get best body massage at affordable rates in Bangalore.

We are offering very special body massage with personal care to our clients. We help you to find a broad range of massage therapy and remedies for your body at our spa centre. These massages will sure change your looks and keep you free from any type of anxieties or stresses. We Arouse Spa provide unmatchable massage services to give you relax and refresh.

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Body to body massage is the most decisive mode of sensual massage. Here the female massage therapist uses her curvaceous naked body. She rubs it against your own in a manner that gives you unimaginable sexual pleasure. She makes her sexy naked body rub, glide and slide over every part of your body in order to give you sensual feelings.

We have very good unisex massage parlour with services like, Swedish, Aroma, Thai, Ayurvedic, Deeptissue, Foot massages, Female to male spa, body to body, sandwich. Our Services designed to give relaxation service for men and women seperately. Have complete privacy and longer spa experience.

Note: Take genuine body massage from us, we offer full 60 min of service and there are no extra charges we take from our customers. Beware frodulent offers given by many agents.  We are not agent, we have own massage parlours in Bangalore, so visit us for a safe peaceful massage therapy from us.

Arouse SPA Massage Bangalore team of experienced beautiful exotic massages offers outcall full body massage , oil massage, body to body massage, Thai massage, Female to male body massage, sand witch massage following with sensual tantric massage mixture for business travellers or persons who need to ease their stress away after long meetings, rough sitting behind pc or jetlag. Arouse SPA bodywork in Bangalore will make you feel alive, revitalized and pleased. You can enjoy anything from a full-body massage in Bangalore to Thai massage, foot massages and the most erotic naturist massage session you have ever experienced. Each sensual massage is tailored to your wishes and desires.

Our massages and professional female models are well trained, skilled, charming females between 20 and 30 years in age. They are selected for great awesome looks, massage skills and friendly personality. Each massages has her own individual style and her own way of performing her massage session, nevertheless they are all devoted to provide an unforgettable erotic exotic sexual massage experience that will take away all of your stress of busy life.

Our agency Arouse SPA selects very carefully our models & staff ability of giving professional massage, sensuality, great looks and easy going personality. We only keep massages with positive feedback for their massage: you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable massage session. There is no need to be lonely tonight when a beautiful model is waiting to give you a wonderful mixture of sensual massage in Bangalore.

We are a Professional Licensed high quality SPA service that provides Massage Therapy to clients all over Bangalore. Our  focus is on an integrative approach for Body, Mind and Soul.

Why choose Arouse Spa for spa massage treatment? 
A good contented soul and peaceful mind can do lot of magical wonders. The comprehensive spa and massage treats is one of the best gift to appreciate the holistic soul.
At Arouse Spa a tired body is not treated as a customer but as mankind of passing on the legacy of wellness. The comprehensive treatments at massage Bangalore not only enhances the radiance of your skin but also offers a great help in relaxing your muscles and further heal mind body and soul.
Right from the ancient rich herbs to expert contemporary wellness solutions, the wellness and massage treatments are surely a bundle of bliss. A comforted environment and professional therapists do extremely take care that you have a relaxing memorable experience..
Arouse Spa has various treatments that can do the work of soothing the tense muscles, adding glory to your skin and offering you with intense wellness solutions for integrating body mind and soul.
In sphere of body massage Bangalore, Arouse Spa has an unmatched reputation, expertise and experience in various massage treatments like:-
Aromatherapy massage: At Arouse Spa, we soothe your stressed nerve with special aroma therapy fragrant oils. Special herbs used in the products does relaxes your body. In order to give you complete contentment and special privileged customer service, we have special crafted services and niche of providing home massage Bangalore.
Thai Massage: With the aim of providing you with holistic solutions, the special Thai treatments are provided by professional therapists. Our experts are trained and educated with the immense deep rooted knowledge of Trigger point, Myofascial techniques, manual therapy treatments and much more. We do practice traditional methods that relaxes mind and soul. We even aim to keep you contented thus even provide expertise services also in female massage Bangalore.
Full body massage: With the boulevard of giving complete satisfaction, the diverse range of massage therapies choices does gives you a feeling that is worth living and experiencing.  Our experts do offer you with head to toe massage services which also relaxes your tense muscles and do provide you with relaxation.
Deep tissue massage: There is traditional therapy involved in curing the trouble points too.  With the special healing and holistic approach, our group of special therapists offer an exemplary service for corrective pressure is applied for the treatments.
Foot spa: In order to sync energy and relax your tiring legs, you need something special. At this spa for foot spa special traditional herbs and methods of medieval age are offered.
At Arouse Spa, we do offer you with divine touch that touch your soul of ecstasy. With the unique therapeutic approach, we offer an exemplary blend of contemporary and traditional treatments that pampers your high end needs of relaxation.
The unwinding approach after the spa and friendly pampered treatments provided here offer quite relaxation.  The treatments done here offers floatation energy. In order to give complete rejuvenation solutions.
The simple and hassle free processes here, lets you to book your appointments for the treatments easily.  Wellness is blessing and therefore to offer you with complete ecstasy of wellness solutions, special membership programs and gift vouchers are also available.

Decent well dressed personable therapists
Trained to Arouse standards
90 mins is exact and not compromised
We blend our own oils with Ayurvedic herbs and flower essences
We use high quality Incense for fragrance
We bring soothing Meditative music
We have a special Ayurvedic ointment for pain relief
Our Prices are fixed and we do not quote one price and come and charge you another
Find out why we have mostly satisfied repeat clientele
Check out our true Client feedback on the Testimonial page of our web site

At Arouse spa, we here to give you best body massage service in Bangalore. You can have complete body care massage therapy at our facility in Bangalore, we provide very good choice of Female body therapists and perfect service options you desire for. Fully cooperative staff and friendly services.

Note: Body to Body(b2b) and  Female to male body massage available.

Our Promise to You
Here at the Arouse Spa we dedicate our time and energy to ensuring that every moment that you spend here with us will be absolute perfection. We fully intend on you enjoying your stay with us so much that you will leave here fully rested and energized. Ready to take on the next day of your daily life. You will want to hurry back to see us again, but not because you are tired and worn out like you were you you first got here. More so because you enjoyed your stay you want to hurry back to do it all over again. So hurry and come see us.
Visit us for a complete body rejuvenation, you can have our special body massage at affordable rate with full service. Talk to our Exeucutive for More information

At Arouse Spa Bangalore, We are here to make sure that your every dream is realized while you stay with us. Whether it is a 60 minute deep tissue massage or a 3 to 4 day visit at any of our luxury spa resorts that we have across Bangalore. So if you feel like it is time for you to get some rest and relaxation then wait no longer, as you have come to the right place and we aim to please you completely.

This weeks special is our great body massage in bangalore, female to male body massge and body to body massage combined with a hour long full service massage. This is one great deal as we our offering them in a combination deal for the price of just the deep tissue massage.
Also opt for Four hands massages.

At, Arouse Spa, we provide body massage in bangalore, body to body massage in bangalore, Female to male male body massage in bangalore. Female to male Spa in Bangalore, Full body massage, Sandwich massages.

Body massage and Body to body massage is not only physically, but spiritually engaging, since your skin is stimulated directly with the skin and natural body curves of our female massage therapist. Arouse Spa offers best massage in bangalore and the experience of a Female to male body to body massage will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Visit our body massage centre, you will be surprised by the rejuvenating abilities that this massage session we offers, especially when it’s performed by our professional female therapists at our parlours in Bangalore.

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Instead of using her hands to provide deep, pleasurable strokes, the therapist uses her bare body to perform the session. At the beginning of the session, our beautiful massage therapist will rub scented oil all over your body, after which she will then begin to slide her own body against yours, igniting a series of unimaginable and intense pleasures.

There’s an intense aura of sensuality surrounding the body to body massage session. However, the massage itself doesn’t have to be sexual. In fact, through the body to body massage session you can recharge your sexual energy and enjoy the ultimate pleasures of the massage session

We have very pretty professional female therapists who work only on appointments, we are the Top Massage provider in Bangalore. Our therapists provide a range of intense exotic pleasures through our special sensual and body to body full service massages.

Release your inhibitions, while enjoying the intimacy and connection with our beautiful therapist as she offers intense pleasure with her soothing strokes and touch all of your body.

Body to body is not only physically, but spiritually engaging, since your skin is stimulated directly with the skin and natural body curves of our gorgeous massage therapist. The experience of a bodyto body massage will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will be surprised by the rejuvenating abilities that this b2b massage session offers, especially when it’s performed by our modern high profile girl therapists at our parlour in Bangalore.

Receiving a body to body massage in india is something you must do when you live in or visit the city. Imagine one of our sexy masseuse gliding up and down your body caressing your most erogenous areas. Well you can make those thoughts come true if you come see us for some intimate body to body action. We have ladies who are not only well trained and highly experienced in the art of sensual touch but also very very attractive and fun too. Our erotic menu features a range of sensual delights to meet your every sensual taste. From body to body to nuru to prostate massage we have the range to suit your preferences. Incalls and Outcalls are available. Browse around website to get an understanding of what is in store for you when you visit our oasis of sensuality.

The one stop destination of most people looking for Body massage in Bangalore is ArouseSpa. We at ArouseSpa belive in providing the best body massage in Bangalore one can ever get in the world. A sensual body massage by trained female therapists is certainly the perfect treatment for anyone in need of pleasure or under lots of stress. ArouseSpa provides complete Body massage in Bangalore for men and women in by specifically trained and experienced professional female-male Therapists.

At ArouseSPA™, We have a fully equipped body massage service parlour with all modern facilities and best of the art interior decorations. All massage rooms can be fully closed to ensure privacy. We also have big and awesome shower rooms with steam available.

If you ever come to Bangalore, do visit the famous ArouseSpa Body massage in Bangalore. You can Visit us for a best full body massage, body to body massage and other massage like head massage, female to male massage, complete body massage, ayurvedic massage, aromatherapy massage and more. The decked up interiors and friendly massagers with superb expertise will sure give you good relaxation and want to come again and again.

We at ArouseSPA™ always Body massage in AC rooms only. Body Massage in Bangalore ArouseSpa will be mainly done by stretching and free hand movements by a trained female therapist. This gives immense relief from body pain and going away your stress and then you feel active and energetic as ever. Only Girls will be involved while giving the body massage in Bangalore ArouseSpa.

Welcome to Arouse Spa Body Massage Bangalore. We keep an eye on have a tendency to stand carry on a totally exceptional chain of independent spas body rub proficient with over about six years of experience. We give our customers all the more additional spa body rub in our spa in Bangalore. Guided by exceptionally prepared and ball-peddling body rub specialists. The majority of our select spa body back rub administrations offers you a the greater part of unwinding each physically and mentally. so let's ! Unwind and de-stress with a hotness oil body knead, Thai rub, Swedish, aromatherapy, in snug and serene air , get delight from a full body rub by our qualified specialists at our spa in Bangalore. you can savor prevalent administration while not overabundance convention inside the protection of your own arrangement Arouse spa Bangalore. Unwind, energize, and comprehend recuperating helps at Arouse Spa goal in city. whether or not you pick a spa bundle or our wonderful "Four Hand Massage," our exceptionally prepared advisors will handle you while sweet talking your body into a state of quiet peacefulness, extended excellence, and overwhelming well being. we have a tendency to gives complete body back rub like Thai, aroma ,Swedish, deep tissue knead , oil massage, full body rub at our spa.

We will provide an extremely cheerful and ball-selling service! The capability to structure you're feeling in this way loose, quiet, to a great degree comfy however over something you'll be in an exceedingly awesome Massage daze, unpleasantly shabby rates, we watch out for have a tendency to cure your body's wishes for complete unwinding & incitement of the brain, body & soul, our knead exceptionally snuggled up & unwinding. hello there -class and delight. we watch out for have a tendency to target various hours appointments. We ensure you'll resoundingly remember. Welcome to the Arouse Spa body rub Bangalore. The greater part of our elite spa body back rub administrations offers you an a large portion of unwinding each physically and mentally. so let's ! Unwind and de-stress with a high temperature oil body rub, Thai rub, Swedish, aromatherapy, in cushy and quiet environment , get joy from a full body rub by our qualified advisors at our spa in Bangalore. you can savor predominant administration while not overabundance custom inside the security of your own arrangement Arouse spa Bangalore. Unwind, energize, and comprehend recuperating treatments at Arouse Spa end at Bangalore. our extremely prepared advisors will handle you though cajoling your body into a state of quiet quietness, developed magnificence, and incredible well being. we have a tendency to gives complete body back rub like Thai, aroma ,Swedish, deep tissue rub , oil massage, full body knead at our spa. spa body knead Bangalore, tranquil and most average experience. We square measure needing forward to analyze you presently. There's no precluding the force from securing back rubs. despite the modifiers we've a slant to allot to it (spoiling, restoring, helpful) or the reasons we've a slant to ask for it out (a sumptuous treat, stress easing, torment management).

Body Massage in Bangalore
Arouse Spa is an all inclusive spa body massages in Bangalore, that features some of the  most relaxing experiences you will ever have. Phone us today to make an appointment. Services available- Body massage in bangalore, body to body  in massage, female to male body massage in bangalore, full body massage in bangalore, sandwich massage in Bangalore.
Body to body massage in bangalore
We are the best full body to body massage centre in bangalore we provide body massage services in Bangalore. Our girls are specialist to provide you full body to body massage. We are understand your need and do obligation that you will be 100% relaxing by our services in Bangalore, More than 100 customers are visiting us on daily basis just because of our services. In our center you have option to chose girls for services, our staff is ready to give you best services, so please come and join us!!!
Female to male body massage in bangalore
We offer complete relaxation body massage therapy by female. You could choose the massage girl initially and service done in private room ny the lady selected by you. Our massage girl uses oil, cream for massage or you can opt for a dry massage. In this form of massage our therapists does top to toe massage with happy ending. 

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